A Statement of Support from Anythink Libraries

Anythink shares in the outpouring of support for individuals across this nation and the world fighting to combat systemic racism in the U.S. brought to light by the killing of George Floyd.  

As a public library, we are committed to racial equity and providing a space where everyone is welcome. As an organization, we believe in inclusion and diversity. We stand with our staff, who represent the rich fabric of our community.  

Libraries are places of democracy, and a democracy is only strong when all voices are heard. We will continue to listen to our communities, provide a place for civil discourse, and remove barriers to access for all.   

At Anythink, we are guided by these shared values: 

Compassion for our customers and each other – We see you. We hear you. We are here for you. 

Eagerness to learn – We are committed to supporting the learning of our staff and community.  

Passion for our product – We are passionate about the materials that help us to understand our past and will help us to build our future.  

Everyone is creative – Creativity comes in many forms and can help address injustice, express passion and outrage, and bring communities together. Creative solutions are necessary to eliminate racial inequities.  

Optimistic attitude – we believe anything is possible – With eyes open to the atrocities of the world, we believe that together we can listen, learn, reflect and take action to make our communities stronger and more equitable.  

Let us be clear: Black lives matter. 

Urban Libraries Council Statement on Racist Violence 

The Black Caucus of the American Library Association Statement Condemning Increased Violence and Racism Towards Black Americans and People of Color