Pottermania! is Back at Anythink Libraries

The Whomping Willows perform at Anythink Huron Street

As part of mySummer’s Fantasy Worlds theme at Anythink Huron Street, the wizard rockers are back to transport guests to the world of Harry Potter. The Whomping Willows will be joined by ALL CAPS, The Moaning Myrtles, The Parselmouths, and Justin Finch-Fletchley for a night of music, Harry Potter discussion and more.

Similar to last year’s format at Anythink Commerce City, between sets audience members will get a chance to participate in a videocast discussion with the creators of Five Awesome Girls, a YouTube channel with 30,000 video subscribers and over six million video views covering a variety of topics from Harry Potter to daily news.

Event Details
Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 5 pm
Anythink Huron Street
9417 Huron Street
Thornton, CO 80206

This program is free and open to the public. All ages are welcome.


 Kristina Horner and Luke Conard met each other through their respective wizard rock bands three years ago. With much in common, they quickly became friends and found themselves collaborating musically rather frequently. After a while, they decided to take one step outside the Harry Potter genre and expanded their music repertoire to include a myriad of other nerdy topics (including zombies, nerdy love songs, and the online role playing game World of Warcraft) and thus, ALL CAPS was born. They have released two full length albums and a handful of successful music videos on YouTube. In December of 2009, they were also signed to the up and coming Internet music label DFTBA Records.

The Whomping Willows

The Whomping Willows is the solo project of singer/songwriter Matt Maggiacomo. Combining an offbeat sense of humor with light political commentary and catchy melodies, Maggiacomo has written five full-length albums and two EPs (loosely) from the perspective of the violent tree at Hogwarts. Since the band’s inception in October 2005, the Whomping Willows has played over 400 shows throughout the United States and Canada.

The Moaning Myrtles

The Moaning Myrtles have been having the time of their afterlives writing and performing music from everyone's favorite whiny bathroom ghost’s perspective since 2005. They are known for their piano-heavy songs with catchy harmonies, but the Myrtles occasionally take the form of a solo guitarist. Lauren Fairweather and Nina Jankowicz have released a handful of albums and played shows in libraries, bookstores, clubs, hotels, and living rooms all over the eastern half of the United States.

Over 13,000 people subscribe to Fairweather’s YouTube partner channel, devilishlypure, and her videos have received over a million views. She also makes a weekly appearance on the collaborative partner channel Five Awesome Girls, which has 30,000 subscribers, over six million video views, and has inspired hundreds of other channels with a similar format.

Justin Finch-Fletchley

Justin Finch-Fletchley has self-released three full length albums, two live albums, and one greatest hits EP of music written from the perspective of a classmate who witnessed most of the events Harry, Ron, and Hermione experienced. Finch-Fletchley has been touring the U.S. and Canada for the past few years, performing in libraries, bookstores, clubs, and many other places helping to promote literacy, arts, activism, and equality. Finch-Fletchley combines wit and insight along with an unbridled amount of passion and energy to bring eager wizard rock fans their dose of catchy sing-along acoustic rock music.

The Parselmouths

The Parselmouths are a wizard rock band that takes the Hogwarts experience from the perspective of those spoiled, popular rich girls (think “Mean Girls”). Their girl band has been writing and performing songs since 2004, and even though the lineup of the band has changed a bit since then, it’s still the folksy, upbeat, slightly “evil” band it always was, singing about everything from school dances to boys to having crushes on their teachers. Kristina Horner and Eia Waltzer currently have three albums out and have played shows in a plethora of venues all over the country, bringing their music to audiences of all ages.

Kristina Horner, also known as “italktosnakes” on YouTube, has an audience-base of approximately 36,000 people. Her YouTube-approved partner channel has received over four million views in the three years she’s been using the website, and her most viewed video has 500,000 views alone. She, too, makes a weekly appearance on the collaborative partner channel Five Awesome Girls, a channel with not only 30,000 subscribers and six million video views, but one that was also the model for hundreds of other copycat channels that spawned since its creation in 2008.