Introducing Anythink, A New Style of Library

Our small district in Adams County, Colo., is changing the face of public libraries. Introducing AnythinkTM, a new style of library that celebrates imagination, play and interactivity. Studies have shown that people who have had transformative experiences at their local library are more willing to support them at the polls. The Anythink model was designed to help libraries remain relevant by offering more than just books to their customers. They offer innovative programming, technology, and the highest level of customer service so that everyone who walks into an Anythink feels welcome.

Eliminating overdue fines and switching from the Dewey Decimal Classification to a word-based system were just some of the changes on the road to Anythink. The next step in this revolution was the Sept. 12, 2009 launch of the district’s new brand, which represents the new library philosophy.

“Anythink is a new style of library that offers memorable experiences and transformations for its customers,” says Rangeview Library District director Pam Sandlian Smith. “Anythink is a place where you can find more than just books; you can play video games, download audio books right to your iPod, read quietly by a fireplace, or interact with information – not just be a passive recipient of it.”

The tagline “A Revolution of Rangeview Libraries” represents the changes the district has made to develop this formative approach to public libraries. The “doodle” in the new logo represents the beginning of all ideas. Under the creative direction of John Bellina and Tasso Stathopulos, Anythink was born. The founders of Ricochet Ideas, in collaboration with Canadian animator Jeff Chiba Stearns, created a short animation where the “doodle” takes on a life of its own. The animation represents the many things a doodle can become and the sparks of imagination available to anyone who visits an Anythink library.

In conjunction with the brand launch, the Anythink in Brighton opened on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009, and is the first fully branded Anythink. The new, 20,000-square-foot library, located in downtown Brighton, Colo., includes children and teen areas, a cyber café, a club-style seating area with fireplace, and a 122-seat multi-use community room. The Anythink in Brighton is also the district’s fourth library to be converted to WordThink. By the end of the year, the district will be the first in North America to fully convert to a word-based system.