Goats return to Anythink

Throughout the month of June, community members of all ages are invited to visit their local Anythink for an opportunity to meet friendly goats from Caramel Apple Farm. These visits provide an opportunity for people to learn more about these fascinating and quirky animals through first-hand interaction. Kids can interact with a farm animal and ask goat caretakers questions about what they eat or how they interact with each other and humans. This year, attendees will have the opportunity to learn how goats are milked and about the different uses for their milk, including cheese and soap.

In 2013, Anythink first brought goats to its Anythink Wright Farms location as an eco-friendly way of landscaping the overgrown weeds and natural vegetation on the property. They were an immediate attraction in the area, drawing in new curious visitors and neighborhood families. The experience was so popular among library customers that Anythink now brings back the goats every summer.

In recent years, Anythink has partnered with Caramel Apple Farm in order to create a more intimate experience with fewer goats at each library location. The visits typically include a mix of older goats, baby goats and, this year, goats that can be milked. A special Snapchat filter is available at each event for those who want to share their goat photos with friends.

Goats at Anythink: