Exciting Changes in the Works for Rangeview’s Mobile Library


Bookmobile Sneak Peak

During the Bookmobile’s break between summer and fall schedules, Rangeview’s mobile library is undergoing some exciting changes. It will soon be Rangeview Library District’s third branch to convert to the WordThink system, where words are used instead of numbers to organize the collection. The Perl Mack and Bennett libraries have also been converted to WordThink, and customers have continually been delighted by the ease of use of this new system. By the end of the year, all of the district’s libraries will replace the Dewey Decimal Classification with WordThink. Rangeview Library District will be the first in the country to have converted to a word-based organization system district-wide.

This week, the Bookmobile will also receive a fresh new look. Adams County residents should keep an eye out for the Bookmobile’s beautiful new wrap, which can be seen on the streets starting August 31 when the new fall schedule begins. To view the new schedule, click here.