Anythink takes part in Inclusive Internship Initiative

Anythink has been selected to take part in the Inclusive Internship Initiative (III), a program offered by the Public Library Association (PLA), designed to introduce students from diverse background to careers in librarianship. As part of this initiative, Lisette Zamora-Galarza, 18, and Samantha Martinez, 16, both of Commerce City, Colo., have been selected to work with Anythink Commerce City staff on community projects through the end of this summer. Through these learning projects, Zamora-Galarza and Martinez will engage with a broad perspective of library services to help deepen their understanding of the field. A kick-off event for the III was held on June 16 in Washington, D.C., with both interns and Anythink staff in attendance. 

Zamora-Galarza, a graduate of Adams City High School in Commerce City, has focused her project on the process of citizenship through naturalization. She believes the library is the perfect place for people to connect with resources during their journey to citizenship. Zamora-Galarza’s project partners with other community organizations to offer ESL (English as a Second Language) courses, informational seminars and study groups. Her goal is to host a naturalization ceremony at Anythink Commerce City this fall.

Martinez has been a regular customer at Anythink Commerce City for years. As part of her III project, she will focus on community health to address the disproportionate amount of people of color impacted by diabetes and obesity-related illnesses. Her approach includes developing programs that focus on healthy eating habits, health seminars and cooking classes. Her goal is for the library to play a role in making Commerce City a healthier community.

“The Inclusive Internship Initiative kick-off in Washington, D.C., was inspirational,” says Anythink Director Pam Sandlian Smith. “I am impressed and excited about the proposed projects that our interns, Samantha and Lisette, are coordinating this summer. I look forward to seeing how their ideas connect with our Commerce City community. All around, being part of this project in a win for Anythink, a win for our interns and a win for our community.”

PLA, a division of the American Library Association (ALA), offers the III with support from the Institute for Museum and Library Services.