Anythink staff member wins Lucy Schweers Award

Anythink Wright Farms concierge Hannah Martinez has been awarded the 2015 Lucy Schweers Award for Excellence in Paralibrarianship. The award, issued through the Colorado Association of Libraries, recognizes paralibrarians in the state who display outstanding leadership and service to their community in a way that goes beyond basic requirements of the position.

Martinez was nominated for this prestigious award for her work in spearheading Anythink’s AnyAbility program, designed for adults with disabilities. These programs include a wide variety of interactive activities, including gardening, crafts and story times. Since it was created in 2014, AnyAbility has forged stronger relationships between staff and customers with disabilities that regularly visit the library, resulting in increased use of library services and independent visits by these individuals.

“Initiating the AnyAbility program was inspired by my inherent fondness and compassion for people in our community that are often underserved, along with my desire to see public spaces become more inclusive and welcoming to people of all abilities,” says Martinez. “AnyAbility is a program that offers engaging activities designed for adults with different abilities and disabilities. The program took root and continues to thrive at Anythink Wright Farms because we are part of a library district that believes anything is possible, and values compassion and creativity. I am extremely honored to be the recipient of the Lucy Schweers Award for Excellence in Paralibrarianship.”

“We are thrilled and honored that Hannah is being recognized with the Lucy Schweers Excellence in Paralibrarianship Award,” says Suzanne McGowan, manager at Anythink Wright Farms. “Hannah demonstrates leadership and inspiration with her advocacy and service to all of our customers, with a special focus on adults of all abilities. Her passion, compassion and creativity provide a welcoming environment where adults with disabilities are introduced to library services, making them feel comfortable and welcome to be a part of the larger library community, and it is the larger community that benefits.”  

Martinez will be presented with the award at the 2015 Colorado Association of Libraries Conference in October.