Anythink partners with Adams County Elections to provide voter registration opportunities

In continuing its commitment to be a destination for civic engagement, Anythink has partnered with Adams County Elections to provide increased voting information and registration services at its libraries. Beginning May 18, 2019, Anythink’s three largest branches – Anythink Brighton, Anythink Huron Street and Anythink Wright Farms – will have designated voter registration kiosks where community members can register to vote or update their voter registration online or by paper form. All Anythink libraries will also have easy-to-understand voter information, forms in English and Spanish, and mailer envelopes provided by Adams County Elections. By providing these services, the library is committing to sharing important civic information to Adams County residents in easily accessible locations. Anythink staff, trained by Adams County Elections and perceived by the public as a trustworthy stewards of information according to a 2017 Pew Research Center study, will be able to provide assistance as requested.

“Exercising your right to vote is one of the greatest privileges a person can have, and the Elections Department is thrilled to partner with Anythink to promote voter registration at their locations,” says Adams County Clerk & Recorder Josh Zygielbaum. “Colorado is one of the easiest and safest places in the country to cast a vote, and ensuring our residents have easy access to registration is a top priority for my office.”

To help launch this project, Clerk Zygielbaum will be a guest at Civic Saturday on Saturday, May 18 at Anythink Wright Farms. This public gathering designed to cultivate civic engagement and tradition will provide an ideal setting for Adams County Elections to share opportunities to become involved in local elections. As of May 2019, there are only 278,693 registered voters in Adams County – a little more than half of the county’s current population. Partnerships like that between Adams County Elections and Anythink allow for increased accessibility for voter information and a more engaged civic community. 

“Libraries are a vital part of the greater social fabric,” says Anythink Director Pam Sandlian Smith. “Making voter registration accessible at our Anythink libraries is another important step in building a civically engaged community.”