Anythink launches new Strategic Plan

Anythink has launched its 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, defining its work for the next five years. In 2017, Anythink worked directly with Adams County residents through telephone polling, online and in-person surveys and a series of 23 roundtable discussions. Participants were invited to share their ideas about community, family and personal aspirations, resulting in more than 20,000 data points collected. The results and ideas from this outreach has informed the library’s plans for the next five years, the focus of which positions the library as the catalyst for innovation in the Adams County community.

Anythink’s strategic initiatives focus on three primary areas: community, culture and career. The directions outlined in the plan allow Anythink to identify opportunities to expand and elevate library services that help Adams County residents achieve their goals. This includes providing resources and spaces – both physical and online – for civic engagement, cultural enrichment and entrepreneurial development.

Anythink Strategic Plan 2018-2022

Our vision: Anythink is the catalyst for innovation in our community.

Strategic initiative #1 – Community: Anythink builds community by connecting people, organizations and agencies with ideas and each other.

Strategic initiative #2 – Culture: Anythink is a cultural and learning destination for Colorado.

Strategic initiative #3 – Career: Anythink supports the entrepreneurial spirit of the community.

“This plan is so concise and engaging,” says Anythink Director Pam Sandlian Smith. “Like a good mission statement, we are already living and breathing the key ideas that anchor this plan: community, culture and career. For 2018, we’re building the infrastructure to launch our next big ideas. We’re excited to work together with our community and our partners as our libraries – and Adams County – continue to grow and evolve.”

Adams County is one of the fastest-growing counties not just in Colorado, but in the United States. Anythink’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan will guide the organization’s next steps as it continues to grow with its community. The Anythink Strategic Plan can be found online directly at