Anythink launches community story-gathering initiative in partnership with Adams County and Mapleton School District

To cultivate empathy and hope after a time of upheaval, Anythink has partnered with Adams County and the Mapleton School District to launch Sincerely: Stories of Adams County. This initiative aims to gather and share the personal stories experienced by Adams County residents during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Together, these stories will help paint a portrait of life during this historic time in a community as diverse and varied as Adams County. By presenting personal stories and encouraging the public to reflect on the experiences of others, Sincerely: Stories of Adams County hopes to encourage a deep sense of community connection.

“This year at Anythink, we’re focusing on healing and celebrating with our community. Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways that we can do that, which is why we’re launching Sincerely: Stories of Adams County,” says Stacie Ledden, director of strategic partnerships for Anythink. “Working together with our amazing partners, we hope to give voice to Adams County residents. By hearing others’ stories, we can collectively understand and heal from all that the past year has brought us, while looking toward a future of hope, compassion and resilience.”

Individuals of all ages and backgrounds are invited to share their stories in a variety of formats. Whether through writing, audio, video or visual formats like photography, participants are prompted to write messages to their pre-pandemic selves, someone who impacted their life, or their fellow community members. Gathered through the summer months, these stories will be displayed in the fall of 2021 as part of an interactive online collection, with the potential of an accompanying in-person exhibition.

“Adams County is pleased to support and partner with Anythink Libraries in this storytelling venture,” said Eva J. Henry, Adams County Commissioner and Board Chair. “2020 was an unprecedented year, and capturing personal stories from the community helps give us perspectives we may not otherwise have a chance to experience.”

Adams County residents are invited to participate by following the prompts online at In addition to soliciting stories online, Anythink and its partners are planning opportunities for in-person story gathering at upcoming community events.