Anythink Director Selected as Member of Aspen Institute Dialogue on Public Libraries

Anythink Director Pam Sandlian Smith has been selected as a member of the Aspen Institute Dialogue on Public Libraries, a newly created initiative to explore, develop and champion new ways of thinking about U.S. public libraries. Composed of leaders from the library, business and government industries, as well as visionaries and experts from education and community development, the Dialogue will gather for an invitation-only meeting in early August in Aspen, Colo. Leaders from both large and small library systems, the American Library Association, and other key library institutions are important voices in the working group to ensure the vision includes the latest thinking from the field.

“Libraries have always been a great equalizer in American society, serving as gateways to knowledge that have helped form the building blocks of our democracy,” said Charles Firestone, executive director of the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program. “We look forward to working with leaders in the field to ensure that public libraries remain relevant to the needs of our current and future generations as they have throughout our history.” 

Sandlian Smith’s innovative approach to library service has earned her international attention and honors, including the prestigious Charlie Robinson Award from the Public Library Association. As a visionary who has helped transform and shift perceptions of public libraries in Colorado and elsewhere, Sandlian Smith will share experiences and ideas with 30 other industry leaders at the Dialogue to help spark national conversation and action. 

“It is an honor to represent public libraries in this critical dialogue,” says Sandlian Smith. “Libraries are essential assets in our communities and this project is a way of creating a sustainable and viable path for our future.”