Anythink Board of Trustees passes resolution in support of 2019 ballot measure

On Wednesday, Sept. 18, the Anythink Board of Trustees unanimously passed a resolution in support of Ballot Issue 6A for additional funding for Anythink Libraries. The full resolution can be found below.

At a meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 21, the Anythink Board of Trustees referred the ballot measure for the November 2019 election. In 2018, the Anythink Board of Trustees approved a similar measure, which lost by 1,200 votes.

Please visit for more information and details about the proposal.

The Anythink Board of Trustees consists of five members appointed by the Adams County Board of County Commissioners and is responsible for the library district’s finances and formulation of policies. The Board of Trustees meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 5 pm at various Anythink locations. 

Rangeview Library District

A Resolution in Support of November 2019 Election Question

– Vote Yes on Ballot Issue 6A –

WHEREAS, the Rangeview Library District, also known as Anythink Libraries, (“Anythink” or the “District”) provides invaluable, free services and opportunities for children, families, and members of the community from every walk of life;

WHEREAS, Anythink Libraries give children the services they need to support their educational growth from story times and early reading to science programs and career mentorship;

WHEREAS, Anythink Libraries expand opportunities for people from all walks of life, from kids and seniors to students and job seekers, by increasing access to technology, internet, and job training;

WHEREAS, Anythink Libraries improve the qualify of life for families, and the community at large through concerts, farmers markets, classes, and group activities,

WHEREAS, Anythink Libraries create a welcoming, safe gathering place where anyone can belong, connect, and build community;

WHEREAS, Anythink Libraries collaborate with state, county and municipal agencies, school districts, arts and cultural organizations, business groups, civic clubs, and health and social service agencies to maximize possibilities for community engagement;

WHEREAS, Anythink librarians connect people with accurate and trusted information and resources;

WHEREAS, Anythink Libraries provide free and equal access to information and ideas;

WHEREAS, Anythink Libraries operate seven community libraries, bookmobile outreach and online services available to more than 400,000 people across Adams County;

WHEREAS, Adams County residents visit Anythink Libraries 1,130,415 times and borrowed 2.3 million items in 2018;

WHEREAS, 82,270 Adams County residents attended Anythink library programs in 2018;

WHEREAS, Anythink Libraries receives 89 percent of its operational funding from a property tax levy that applies uniformly across most of Adams County;

WHEREAS, voters approved a mill levy to support Anythink Libraries in 2006 and the library district has made that levy last for thirteen years;

WHEREAS, more than 100,000 new residents have moved into the communities served by Anythink Libraries during that time;

WHEREAS, a ballot proposal on November 5 will ask voters to consider a 2.2 mill levy increase to its current operating levy to meet the needs of our rapidly growing and vibrant community.


The Board is in favor of Ballot Issue 6A and encourages voters to Vote YES.

The Board of Trustees of the District supports this question and believes it to be in the best interests of the District and the community.



By: President Lynne Fox