mySummer: Exploring the Cosmos

Are there moons in our solar system that could harbor life? How might the universe look at the end of time? In this three-week series, physicist and aerospace engineer Chris Melton will lead us in an exploration of the universe and its rapidly expanding relationship with humankind. Hear expert insights on our current and future outlooks on space exploration and on the ever-evolving cosmos itself. Appropriate for ages 18 and older. Space is limited; online registration required.

July 28: Our Cosmic Neighborhood 

Learn about planets, asteroid belts, moons and comets — the beautiful and  dangerous place that is our most local cosmic neighborhood.

Aug. 4: Our Future in Space  

For the first time in our history, we are approaching the tangible reality of human colonization of space. Just how close are we to a casual weekend trip into space? How would space exploration benefit life on Earth?

Aug. 11: The End of the Universe 

How might the universe look at the end of time? How do we know? Gain insights  into the most current understanding of the evolution of the universe. 

Date and Time: 
Repeats every week 3 times.