Design Your Own Necklace

Man with necklace

Design your own necklace at home and watch your design come to life with Glowforge, our laser engraver. Experience the ways that you can turn everyday drawings into a wood carving. Appropriate for children and tweens. 

Here’s what we’ll do: 1) Grab a clean sheet of white copy paper. 2) Draw your necklace with a pencil and outline it with a black pen or Sharpie. 3) Send a photocopy of your design to by April 19.  

On April 20, we’ll meet on Zoom and reveal how the Glowforge works!  

This program will be held online via Zoom.  A link to the online meeting room will be sent out via email to registrants. Everyone is welcome to sit in, but please only register once per household.  

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The Studio