Artist Workshop with Alejandra Abad

Join artist-in-residence Alejandra Abad for a special workshop as she walks you through her creative process. Abad, an interdisciplinary artist, continues her textile “Our Wishes” project at Anythink Wright Farms. Messages of hope gathered from the community will be transformed onto large, whimsical flags as part of an upcoming exhibition at the library. Get a first-hand look at how Abad uses fabric and paint as a vehicle for community expression. “Our Wishes” is designed to break down the barriers between the artist and viewer while centering on community. This program is appropriate for all ages. Space is limited; registration required. Only one registration per family needed. 

“Our Wishes” will be on display at Anythink Wright Farms beginning Sept. 30, 2021.  

This workshop is part of the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art at Anythink Fall Artist Showcase, made possible by funding from the SCFD. Learn more about additional workshops and exhibitions at