Utopia or dystopia? 5 great novels about future society

Collapsing nations. Corrupted governments. Ruthless leaders. Separation. The worst part about all of these things? They usually occur in societies that seem nearly perfect. Some of the greatest books today center around different utopias, places that are flawless, and dystopias, their opposites. They are widely available, full of all of the brainwashing, international secrets, and weather phenomenona that lead to chaos in our world. Sound interesting? Here are five great books about future societies that will leave you wondering what utopia really looks like.

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Most books about corrupt universes feature characters who are naturally rebellious, a questionable setting, and some great romance that is initiated at the first chapter. The Giver breaks this mold. It stars 11-year-old Jonas, a boy living in a future world where there are seemingly no wars or conflict. He is chosen for a special job. Jonas is selected to become the apprentice of a man that holds the memories of the past world by learning how to take them on himself. As he starts to see colors, think individual thoughts, and feel real emotions for the first time, Jonas begins to question the value of a world without human morals. Can order and peace only be achieved with conformity? With an intriguing plot and a gripping set of characters, this is a great book for anyone looking for a short but meaningful read.

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Although the cover makes this book look like a typical princess novel without a plot, it is anything but. After several World Wars, the U.S. no longer exists. In order to establish order, it was renamed Illea and a system of castes were created to divide the people. The royal family, also referred to as the "Ones," looks after the nation, but the country is being ripped apart. When a royal prince turns 18, a mass lottery is hosted to decide which girls will be brought to the castle to compete for the throne. America Singer, a level five in the caste system, is plucked from the masses to try to win the heart of the prince. Friendships will be formed, power will be distributed, favorites will be picked, and a crown will be given to the girl who wins for the chance to change the nation. The Selection is an amazing novel for anyone with a taste for the extraordinary and is a great addition to any girl’s summer reading list.

Slated by Teri Terry

In an attempt to reform troubled youths in the future, the government erases the memories of these teens and places them into foster families. Only those who have committed serious crimes are "slated" and forced to wear a levo (a bracelet that monitors your mood). Kyla is convinced that she is not like the other slated kids in her new community. Even though she has made some friends, particularly the attractive Ben, she feels as though something is wrong. Is slating really the benevolent procedure everyone believes it to be? Where is her real family? And, most importantly, what secrets lurk in the confines of her own mind? Brimming with both mystery and adventure, Slated is a great addition to anyone’s reading list.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This great dystopian book centers around Katniss Everdeen, a girl living in District 12, who is just trying to keep her family afloat. Every year all the children living in their respective districts are gathered for a drawing to compete in the Hunger Games, a horrific fight in which teens kill eachother to survive. When her little sister is chosen, Katniss bravely volunteers to take her place, even though it means she might die in the games. Whisked away to the center of it all, the Capitol, Katniss must rely on her skills, wit, and inner strength to endure the Hunger Games and the more deep-seated battle lying just beneath the surface. Both creative and clever, this story is sure to make everyone who reads it excited for the second. It’s a wonderful read for those who are looking for a well-developed adventure.  

Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

In a broken world ravaged by terrible storms called the aether, a privileged few were selected to lived in special pods that shield people from the weather. Aria is one of the fortunate members of a pod, living inside its walls and abiding by the rules; that is, until she met him. Perry and his entire tribe live on the outside, surviving day by day. In a strange series of events, he saves Aria’s life, and is then forced to take care of her when she is thrown out of her pod. The two of them face long odds in this crumbling world, but together, they just may stand a chance of getting what they need. Under The Never Sky combines action, mystery, wit, humor, and romance to create the perfect summertime read.

Audrey A. is a teen blogger at Anythink Huron Street. 


These look awesome! Definitely going to check some of these out.. Another one of my favorites is "House of the Scorpion" by Nancy Farmer.