Turn the page: Get digital magazines at your fingertips with Zinio

Browse through the pages of your favorite magazine on your computer, tablet or phone.

Let’s get down to it: Libraries aren’t just about books. Whether it’s learning a new craft at our makerspace or editing your own movie in our computer labs, libraries are also spaces for hands-on interaction.

But did you know that Anythink also offers a number of products and services accessible from the comfort of your own home? Take magazines, for example.

Magazines provide readers with an engaging, visual way to stay informed, educated and inspired. With the accessibility provided by digital publishing, thumbing through your favorite magazine is easier than ever. With the help of digital magazine service Zinio, Anythink now provides more than 130 digital magazine subscriptions to its customers. Zinio call itself the “world’s largest newsstand,” and it’s easy to see why. With many publications to choose from, they’ve provided a platform for readers to read and save digital versions of magazines on their computer, tablet, phone or other device.

Have an Anythink library card? Then you too have access to full digital copies of your favorite magazines at home or on the go. Take advantage of this new service by signing up and reading your favorite publication today.

How to use Zinio
It’s easy! Visit the Anythink homepage and click on "ebooks and downloads". Under "Magazines," you'll be given step-by-step instructions on how to register and install Mango with your device. You’ll then create an account with Zinio and confirm your registration by email. You can also download the Zinio app to your phone or tablet for on-the-go access. Read these instructions or watch this tutorial for a complete step-by-step guide. Remember: You must be an Anythink customer to access to our Zinio subscription. Need a library card? Get one here.

Magazine suggestions
All set? Great! How about some magazine suggestions?

  • mental_floss: From fun facts to quizzes to brain teasers, mental_floss is a great resource to exercise your mind. Who knows? It might just make you the star of your trivia team. 
  • 5280: Get local with Denver news, reviews and culture. 
  • Smithsonian Magazine: History, science, arts and nature from one of the nation’s leading institutions. 
  • Runner’s World: Kick start your New Year’s resolutions with training tips. 
  • The Beer Connoisseur: Whether you’re a brewer or just a lover of the brew, The Beer Connoisseur is your one-stop shop for beer exploration. (For customers 21 and over, of course.)


This is awesome! However, I am unable to read any magazines using this service, when I click on a magazine link I get "This magazine offer or download page cannot be found."

Hi, Nitin! Thanks for your comment and sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems! I'll be emailing you shortly so that we can troubleshoot the issue and get you all set up! Erica