'Safe' books: Trying out a new genre in the new year

Ever get that feeling when you finish a book that you want to read something drastically different, something fresh? I know the feeling well. I remember feeling this at the end of October (a month when I only read creepy books). I was desperate for something – anything – different.

For many of us, we tend to read the same types of books over and over again. Whether it is fiction, mystery, self-help, thriller or non-fiction, we are delightful creatures of habit that reach for whatever comforts us. We like to know that the grizzled detective will get his guy in the end, that the warrior princess will fight for her crown, or that the wizard will come into his powers with the help of a mentor.  These are not bad things - the predictability of genres is what we love about them! Reading a book that has similar flow and themes is like wrapping a warm, soft blanket around yourself. It’s cozy. It’s safe.

But what if you want to break out of that genre? Where do you start? And, better yet, how do you know that the book you’ve picked won’t destroy an entire category of books for you with a bad experience? Reading outside your favorite genres can feel risky. What if you waste your time? What if you hate it?

These are all valid concerns, but fear not: Anythink is here! With the help of my fellow librarians, I am here to recommend to you “safe” books in a few major genres that are sure to delight a new reader and welcome them into a new genre with ease. In fact, we even have a new display up at Anythink Wright Farms to highlight these genres. Stop by to find these titles and more.

Books to help launch you into a new genre

If you want to try mystery/thriller, read:

If you want to try horror, read:

If you want to try sci-fi, read:

If you want to try fantasy, read:

If you want to try memoir, read:

If you want to try young adult (YA), read:

If you want to try Western, read:

If you want to try dystopian, read:

If you want to try graphic novels, read: 

It might be a lofty goal in 2020 to try and read all this entire list! (Just putting it out there.)