Review: 'Share: The Cookbook that Celebrates our Common Humanity'

I recently wrote about two young women with inspiring stories. Both of these young women had survived harrowing circumstances in their youth and I was especially touched by their inner strength and how their dreams and passions were a driving force behind their ability to persevere. With this on my mind, I was delighted and even further encouraged to find another book that explores the determination and inner strength of the female spirit.

Share: The Cookbook that Celebrates Our Common Humanity (Women for Women International) is an inspiring book that is far more than a cookbook. Share highlights individual women who have overcome desperate situations caused by war and conflict. Many of these women live on less than $1 a day. These women share, in their own voices, the trials and tribulations they have faced and the difference that Women for Women International (WfWI) has made in their lives. WfWI provides women across the world with education and access to social and economic opportunities that has enable them to become more self-sufficient.

From its opening pages Share is defiantly not your average cookbook. With chapter headings such as "Well-being," "Community", and "Celebration," it’s a departure from typical headings like appetizers, entrées and desserts. There is also a moving forward written by Meryl Streep, with many other contributions and recipes from celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Emma Thompson, Ashley Judd, Nelson Mandela, Peter Gabriel and many more. 

Throughout each chapter, there are recipes highlighting the regional cuisine of the areas where WfWI is at work, including South Sudan, Nigeria, Kosovo and Afghanistan. While you might think that requires an adventurous palate, you'll be surprised at how enticing the recipes are. Through storytelling and food Share delivers in uniting us in celebration of our common humanity.

Bon appétit!