A Reader's Rove

Compass, sunglasses, camera, binoculars, leaves, cards, and journals on a desk

I long to take a book lover’s journey around the world. But a very specific one. I guess we could call it a Reader’s Rove, because I want to visit all the marvelous places in the world that celebrate reading and libraries.

Anythink is such an incredible environment that fosters curiosity and creativity, so that would be my first stop. I’d sit by the fireplace at Anythink Wright Farms, maybe do a little journaling with a book of writing prompts, then grab “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” for reading on the plane.



Next, I’d head to Japan to visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library. It has an absolutely massive collection, and I’d be amongst my fellow library lovers. On average, this city loans the most books in the world. While in Tokyo, I would take advantage of the famed street food, gorging myself on gyoza and yakisoba. It would be all food, all books, all the time. But separate! I wouldn’t want to drip on the borrowed materials.


Stuffed like a dumpling, I would then make my way to Warsaw, Poland. "The Zookeeper’s Wife" would be my attendant on the long journey to the Polish city. Warsaw would give me the perfect opportunity to walk off all my street food. The city also boasts the most public libraries per capita. I’d set aside one day to check out Poland’s skiing scene and see how it compares to Colorado’s.


"Pippi Longstocking" would be perfect for the short jaunt to Stockholm. I’d settle in, ready to enjoy Sweden’s week of reading, called Läslov. I would merrily peruse the gorgeous Stockholm Public Library, ready to read until I drop. Maybe I’d take a quick break for some chocolate, but I'd take my reading holiday very seriously.


Weary from travel but enthused by my Reader’s Rove, I would return to Anythink. I’d be glad to get back to Baby BounceThe Studio and the familiar shelves of Anythink Wright Farms. Home sweet home!

What book destination would you like to go to? Which ones have you been to? Let me know. I'll add it to my itinerary!