One great experience

I just finished a great children's chapter book recently about a young girl who was quite the crackerjack rascal of her community. She was quick to think, quick to act and quick to get the job (any job) done. I liked her straight away. Her name was Moses (Mo for short) and she told her story in the book Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage. When she wasn't busy trying to solve a local crime, she and her guardians were in charge of running the local cafe for her small and busy community.

For me, one of the most wonderful aspects of Three Times Lucky was Mo's commitment to keeping that cafe open and available no matter the circumstance. When people couldn't get to the cafe for food, she would make sure that orders were taken and the food was brought to them (even if their first choice wasn't available). When the cafe was out of food and the dinner rush over, the whole place was offered the chance to have karate lessons. That cafe was a real cornerstone of the community. This reminds me of what we strive for here at the library.

Hospitality is a word we use a lot at Anythink. Making sure that there is a friendly and welcome air for all visitors, new or old, is the cornerstone of our philosophy as a library district. Reading about Mo was a great reminder of how I would like to work every day and how I would like to be treated when I am the customer out in the world. Mo had me remembering the wonderful service and attention my husband and I got when we went out for a fondue dinner (relaxed and happy).  She reminded me of the time I felt so ignored and bothersome when trying to understand what electronic device was the best fit for me (frustrated and flat out angry). In either case, Mo was a character I found fascinating and someone worthy of looking up to every day. Consider checking out and book and giving it a try.

Since Mo is proving to be such a postive model for me (and I'm always looking for new information), maybe we can chat about great instances that you have had of great customer service and hospitality. Please share in the comments below!