How to Make This Halloween All Treat, No Trick!

A person wearing a black dress holds an orange pumpkin

Happy spooky season! The first day of fall is just around the corner, and it’ll be October before we know it. Why wait until the last minute to get ready for one of the best days of the year?

It’s time to start planning the details of your costume, figure out your decorations, and decide what you want to do to celebrate this Halloween. After all, Spirit Halloween stores have been open for more than a month! And it always seems like everything, from shipping times to crafty projects, takes longer than it should.

Here are some things to keep in mind while planning for your spooky holiday.


What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Are you going to buy your costume or make it? Or will you throw something together from what you already have? Whatever you want to be, here are some things to think about while planning what to wear.

  • Are you going to be sitting a lot or moving around? Keep mobility, comfort and temperature regulation in mind.
  • Do you have everything you need? If you order something, either premade or supplies for crafting, remember there may be shipping delays. Try to give yourself a grace period.
  • If you are making your costume, how long will it take to make each piece? How long to finish everything? If something goes wrong or doesn’t work like it should, will you still have enough time to finish?
  • Use your time and resources wisely. Some things you can buy, some you can borrow, and some you can make. You may also have things you can repurpose, which can be an environmentally friendly way to enhance your outfit!


Will you do outdoor decorations, indoor or both? Do you just want to put out a few things, or are you going to go all out? Did you see something amazing last year that you just have to have? Here are a few things you might forget in the excitement of planning your décor.

  • When do you want your decorations to go up? Oct. 1 falls on a Sunday this year, so maybe you can take the weekend to get everything ready!
  • What kinds of tools and supplies will you need? A hammer and nails are standard, but will you need special anchors for any of your decorations? What about wall-safe options for inside? And don’t forget to make sure you have enough power strips or extension cords.
  • Will you have a theme this year? You could go with funny-scary, cutesy or straight-up terrifying! Keep the audience in mind: for instance, if you’re going to have a college-age party, or if there are a lot of young kids in the neighborhood.
  • If you have a yard, are your decorations going to get in the way of any yardwork you will need to do in October? Also, do you have any plans that could use things like fallen leaves? (Like a giant trash bag spider! They can be really cool.)
  • Do you want to make any new decorations this year? Craft supplies are already on sale at places like Joann’s and Michael’s.
  • Again, if you order supplies or ready-made décor, keep shipping times in mind.

Party Planning

What will you do on the big day? Are you going to stay home and hand out candy? Go to a party? Or maybe host a party yourself? If you decide to throw a Halloween bash, there are a few things to consider to make sure it’s the best party on the block.

  • Keep in mind when sending invitations how long it takes to get to the recipient as well as how long they’ll need to make plans. Are you sending the invites by mail, in person or electronically? How much notice will your guests need to make any arrangements, like a sitter?
  • The date and time can be make-or-break. This year, Halloween is on a Tuesday. Do you want to have your get together the day of, or maybe the weekend before? Will it start in the afternoon or would evening work better?
  • Will costumes be required? Will there be a theme? If you’re decorating inside, make sure you use party-friendly décor, or can easily put away anything that might get in the way or get broken.
  • Are you going to have food? A meal or snacks? Full hors d'oeuvres, or something light and easy like chips and dip? Or maybe do a potluck? Will you offer beverages, and what kinds?
  • Do you want to provide party favors? You can purchase or make them. You can also offer prizes for games and activities. Make sure you have enough for your guests to do to keep them from getting bored.
  • For any party, always have a little more than you think you'll need. It’s better to have extra than to run out early.

When things don’t go according to plan, embrace it! You might end up with something better than your original idea. And if you need some expert help or tech to make some of your pieces, book a free appointment or drop in to The Studio at Wright Farms to make costume pieces, custom decorations or party favors.

Holidays can sometimes be overwhelming, so make sure to take care of yourself too. Always be willing to involve a friend or family member; it can be so much more fun! And remember to enjoy safely. Keep in mind responsible consumption, candy safety when trick-or-treating, and the weather forecast.

It may seem a little early to some people, but time flies. Make sure you don’t run out when you have things to get done! Do you have big plans for this Halloween?