Capture this: Photography workshops at Anythink Bennett

Are you into photography? Thought about trying it but haven't jumped in yet? Think your phone takes "the best pictures ever"? Visit us at Anythink Bennett in the coming weeks for all things photography. 

In February and March, Anythink Bennett will be hosting a series of Phone Photography workshops hosted by local instructor Pattie Lindsay. Every Saturday from Feb. 15 through March 7, from 10:30 am to 12 pm, these workshops are for those who want to learn how to capture moments with the camera we all already have on us. There will then be a reception held on Saturday, March 21, from 3-5 pm to showcase the works from the workshops. It's free to the public and open to all ages. 

In recognition of the photography month, we also have a photo booth set up in the building. It's in celebration or the Carnival of Venice. We have several Venetian masks on display for customers to use for the photo booth and an Instax camera ready in case anyone wants a quick instant photo for a keepsake. And, of course, we're available to take photos on their cell phones, as well. The reason for choosing the Carnival of Venice theme is because of its history. Its origins are centuries old, attracting thousands of tourists every year who arrive in Venice to admire the wonderfully decked-out costumes and masks parading through the streets. The tradition of creating these masks dates back hundreds of years and is an art in Venice. The carnival itself was internationally famous all the way back in the 18th century. This is when it reached its highest level of fame. The carnival today is an enchanted atmosphere, where people adorning masks fill the streets with laughter and events throughout the city

You can read more about the history behind the Carnival of Venice and its masks. 


Awesome blog post, Reannon! The Photography Workshop is going so well and the Carnival of Venice experience zone has been so popular!