Book Review: 'Dogs vs. Ice Cream' by Diana Lundin

I love gazing through our photography section in the library. There are some fabulous books in the collection that I don't think get enough exposure, and I especially love the titles that have animals in them. I mean, really who doesn't love a cute dog, right? I wouldn't think to pair ice cream and dogs, but some brilliant soul – Diana Lundin – did and it's absolutely adorable.  

Dogs vs. Ice Cream pairs various breeds of dogs with vanilla ice cream cones. I found it hilarious to see the varying expressions on the dogs faces as they are faced with the delectible treat. Some wear a genuine look of surprise that asks, "Am I going to get in trouble for this?"  Others are completely unashamed and it's evident that they're not thinking twice about it – as is the case of Oscar the Cavalier King Charles spaniel who is relishing every bite. Some have an unmistakble look of shock that declares, "I would never!" Little Maisie the Tibetan spaniel is as innocent as they come, and it's clear that the smudge of ice cream on her chin was planted there. BB the Chihuahua and min-pin mix is clearly uncomfortable with the situation, while Jake the terrier is a pro at devouring any treat in front of him. Ruby the chiweenie won't stop after the ice cream is gone – she's a cone girl.  

So if you're looking for some lighthearted reading material, be sure to get your hands on Dogs vs. Ice Cream. You may end up needing to run out and pick up some ice cream...or a puppy. Currently, I'm leaning toward a puppy, but I think I'd settle for ice cream as well.