3 outdoor book combos for your next adventure

The sun is shining, the mountains are calling and it’s time to check the packing list for Saturday’s hike. Plenty of water? Check. Lots of sunscreen? Yep. But something’s still missing…the trail guide of course!

When you’re heading into the great outdoors, taking a book along can really add to the adventure. Whether it’s a practical essential like a trail map, or something more inspirational like a tale of survival in the wilderness, you’ll be sure to find it at Anythink. Check out some of these novels and non-fiction guides ready for outdoor action. You might discover a book to enjoy with the next summit view.

As the title suggests, Lance Weller’s Wilderness features a strong outdoor theme. It traces the journey of an aging Civil War veteran as he makes his way through the Olympic Mountains of western Washington. Along the snowbound trail, memories mix with impressions of the Pacific mountain range, and the untamed surroundings inspire reflections on life, loss and legacy. If this book inspires you to find some local places to stretch your legs, pick up any of the trail guides in Falcon’s Best Easy Day Hikes series.

In case one of Colorado’s infamous May snowstorms cancels your hiking plans, a more appropriate read might be the mystery novel White Sky, Black Ice. In a remote Inuit village, an Alaska State Trooper needs all his wits and arctic survival skills to investigate two eerily similar deaths. The author, a bush pilot from northwest Alaska, paints a stark portrait of the intense beauty of the arctic landscape, which in turns is both hero and villain of the novel. Many of the locations where the action takes place are only accessible via snowmobile, so if you want to dive deeper into the story by learning about the history and mechanics of these machines, check out Snowmobile: Bombardier’s Dream Machine. Another great resource is the Grand County snowmobiling guide, which lists trails and rental stations around Rocky Mountain National Park.

In Peter Brown Hoffmeister’s debut novel Graphic the Valley, a different National Park takes center stage. The vistas of Yosemite frame the story of a young man faced with balancing the magic of his home against the complexities of the outside world. A modern retelling of the Samson & Delilah epic, the tale revolves around the way that nature and humankind continue to shape each other. Throughout the novel, hiking and rock climbing play a big role for characters, who literally climb to new heights. If you want to try out rock climbing without having to learn advanced techniques or buying expensive gear, check out Bouldering Colorado. Then invite some friends for a tour of bouldering, a safe, low-cost alternative to traditional alpine climbing.

In all of these books, you’ll find that the great outdoors isn’t just a setting, it’s one of the central characters. Getting to know this character is a grand adventure, whether you’ve been a nature nut your entire life or are just beginning to explore. What are some of your favorite things to do when you head outdoors? Anything is fair game, from angling to ziplines, so tell us about your favorite hobby in the comments below!