Anythink Strategic Plan 2018-2022

Anythink Strategic Plan 2018-2022


OUR VISION: Anythink is the catalyst for innovation in our community.


OUTCOME: People are happy, healthy and safe.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE: Anythink builds community by connecting people, organizations and agencies with ideas and each other.

Anythink as Town Square – Anythink is a place where people come together for civic engagement, social interaction and information. The Anythink Town Square convenes on a district-wide and hyperlocal level, in spaces both physical and online.


OUTCOME: People are enriched by learning and culture.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE: Anythink is a cultural and learning destination for Colorado.

Reimagine Anythink’s spaces – As Adams County grows exponentially, Anythink will examine, refine and expand its spaces to support the learning and cultural enrichment of its customers.

Anythink 2.0 – Elevate and expand Anythink experiences, programs, products and services to support 21st century skills – creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking – through staff support and strategic partnerships.


OUTCOME: People are prosperous and creative.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE: Anythink supports the entrepreneurial spirit of the community.

Support People Development – Anythink is a place where people can experiment, innovate, invent and grow, gaining critical skills to help them live successful, creative lives.

Support Economic Development – Anythink is a place where small businesses and start-ups can access tools, spaces, mentorship and more to help them succeed.

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