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July 2014

Libraries are all about community. Whether it’s providing access to technology, research resources or interactive programs, the library is a center for people of all ages and backgrounds to help find the fuel that feeds their passions. But that center doesn’t have to be confined to facility walls.

I am an introvert, but my installation work often engages large communities. I love connecting with people from all walks of life, and I learn so much from their diverse points of view. The data I collect is disseminated through my artwork. Often, it is invisible. My projects begin with common themes – like making a wish. Everyone has hopes, dreams, prayers, aspirations…

Just down the road in Keenesburg, Colo., one can find lions, tigers and bears – along with bobcats, camels, coyotes, emus, leopards, lynxes, mountain lions and wolves – at the Wild Animal Sanctuary. As the oldest and largest non-profit sanctuary in the Western Hemisphere, the Wild Animal Sanctuary is exclusively dedicated to rescuing captive exotic and endangered carnivores and giving them large-acreage, species-specific habitats.

A balanced lifestyle can help provide you with a variety of health benefits, not to mention a strong sense of well-being. Use the following resources to help you track your diet, get moving and alleviate stress.