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Get well, stay well

Healthful resources to help you be your best

A balanced lifestyle can help provide you with a variety of health benefits, not to mention a strong sense of well-being. Use the following resources to help you track your diet, get moving and alleviate stress. 


Many athletes find that music helps keep their routines fresh and fun. One standard recommendation: Look for songs with the same BPM (beats per minute) as your target heart rate.

Here’s a few songs to get you motivated. All tracks available for instant streaming with your Anythink card at


These apps help you make the most of your nutrition and exercise. All three are free and available for both Android and iOS devices.

  • Fooducate – Get educated about the foods you eat. Use the barcode scanner to receive information about a particular food item and get recommendations for healthier alternatives.
  • Fitocracy – Make fitness fun by turning it into a game. Earn points, level up and receive badges for your accomplishments.
  • HealthyOut – We all go out to eat sometimes. Let this app be your guide to local restaurant dishes.


Long day? It’s important to de-stress before taking on any new challenges. Resident Anythink yoga enthusiast Tracy recommends Viparita Karani (or “Legs up on the Wall” ) as an easy, restorative yoga position. Practice this pose for five to 15 minutes and enjoy several benefits, including relief for anxiety, stress, arthritis, headaches, lower-back pain and cramped feet.


  1. Gently lie down and raise your legs against a wall, feet facing straight up.
  2. With your sitting bones close to the wall, form an approximate 90-degree angle with your body.
  3. Hands can rest on your stomach or on the floor.
  4. Use a cushion for extra support under hips if desired.