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Creating 'The Wish'

An artist's perspective

I am an introvert, but my installation work often engages large communities. I love connecting with people from all walks of life, and I learn so much from their diverse points of view. The data I collect is disseminated through my artwork. Often, it is invisible. My projects begin with common themes – like making a wish. Everyone has hopes, dreams, prayers, aspirations…

I’ve collected over 200 wishes from around the world for The Wish project, my most recent installation, now at Anythink Huron Street. With each wish, I receive a little something from the giver – a glimpse into their view of the world. As you walk into the room and see The Wish – a giant dandelion sculpture suspended from the ceiling – and hear the wishes of people from the community on the motion-activated soundtrack, my wish is that you will take the time to listen and to hear what others are saying. And then I hope that you will make your own wish, too.

The Artist's Playlist

Here's what Helen Hiebert was listening to while creating The Wish: