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July 2015

Step outside in Adams County, Colo., and you’ll likely see a population on the rise, complete with construction and new housing developments. One of the fastest-growing communities in the state, Adams County has experienced a 21.4 percent population growth over the past 10 years. Although the county continues to experience all of the economic and social shifts that come with rapid growth, agriculture remains at the heart of the community’s identity. 

Children are born ready to learn. Everyday experiences from the time of birth are helping them to hone the early literacy skills they need to become lifelong readers. This doesn’t mean that every day needs to feel like a school day. Rather, children learn when those around them talk, sing, play and read with them during the most mundane of activities. 

Between language barriers, differing economic systems and new cultural customs, adjusting to life in a foreign country can be a difficult journey. For refugees, resettling in a new land can include even more challenges. 

In 2014, Colorado became a new home to 2,287 refugees, the majority of whom are resettling in the Denver metro area from countries like Burma, Iraq, Bhutan and Somalia. 

Lynne Fox is the newest member of the Rangeview Library District Board of Trustees. As a health science librarian and former Ward 3 Thornton City Council Member, Fox brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position. But library services aren’t her only passion. Fox is an avid cyclist, an admirer of art and architecture, and a food enthusiast. 

We caught up with Fox to chat about her culinary inspirations and why cooking is a transformative experience. 

One of my favorite ways to explore a country is through its cuisine. It’s a way to teach history,  explore language and understand the land. This felt especially true during a recent visit to Iceland, where food helped guide our understanding of this fascinating, isolated country of volcanoes, geysers and glaciers. Here’s a look at some of my favorite Icelandic dishes.