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What are you thinking?

Notes from Anythink's director

Over the past year, we have been actively working and listening to our community regarding the role the library can play in supporting people and their careers. This issue of SPARK is an example of how the library is already a center for inspiration and encouragement for people – from Viviana’s story about how the library was her safe space when she was in high school, homeless and potentially looking at a life without hope, to Deborah Fallows’ observations of how libraries are the centers of successful communities. The library is that place filled with ideas, information and people who can help you connect with your learning path.

One of our strategic goals is to support the entrepreneurial spirit of Adams County. Eight-six percent of all businesses in Adams County employ fewer than 20 people, according to Adams County Economic Development. Anythink is in the process of adding additional resources for small businesses, including programs on writing business plans, budgets and marketing plans. Our libraries have spaces to work and host meetings. The library is an excellent resource for exploring ideas about career paths, as well.

At Anythink, we believe that everyone is creative – and that creativity is an important part of problem-solving and innovation. We work hard to infuse this creative spirit when we collaborate with local businesses, entrepreneurs and partners. There is growing evidence that this work is positively impacting our community. Over the summer, Anythink connected with local business leaders to learn how we can better achieve our strategic goals by providing people with programs and spaces influenced by community, culture and career. Repeatedly, attendees remark on the importance of the library in supporting their careers and creativity. Entrepreneurs, cultural organizations and nonprofits alike are calling upon the library to increase our capacity to provide collaborative opportunities. Our community is asking for apprenticeship and technical skills education, along with business centers and spaces to learn everything from cooking and music to languages and robotics. Anythink is working with community business partners to identify the best role that we can play in supporting successful businesses and careers for our community.

– Pam Sandlian Smith, Anythink Director