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March 2019

I find now, when I toss a stone into a river, witnessing the splash. I also find now, seeing the stone rivers created by artist Andy Goldsworthy. Goldsworthy collaborates with nature to create art. Using natural materials, he assembles works that are less, and more, impermanent. Thus, his art draws one’s attention to this present point – and also to its passing.

When you look at your tennis shoes or bike tires, you might not think of a farm. But they are related: the rubber used in both items contains by-product from cattle. It’s connections like these that Lacey Taylor, extension agent with Adams County 4-H outreach, tries to make when she speaks with kids and their caregivers about the role that agriculture plays in people’s everyday lives. It’s a way of informing, but also a way of sparking curiosity, so kids might be inspired to explore the world of farming and agriculture.