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July 2017

How did you make extra cash as a kid? Did you babysit or pick up a paper route? Across the country, kids are taking these ideas and turning them into fully comprehensive businesses with operating plans and profit sharing. In New York, for example, a then 13-year-old Noa Mintz moved beyond the idea of babysitting to create an entire operational service that matches nannies with families. Nannies by Noa now boasts upwards of 200 clients and major profits, and Noa has been profiled by the likes of Fortune, CNN Money and Teen Vogue.

On a recent trip to Japan, my husband and I found ourselves in the city of Takayama, a village of less than 100,000 in the mountainous Gifu region. On our first evening, we stopped in a local restaurant and were greeted by the owner who asked where we were from. When he heard the response of Denver the mood in the restaurant suddenly shifted. The owner interrupted the large room filled with business workers unwinding with food and sake to announce that his two new guests were from Denver.

Has a work of art ever so distinctly transported you to another place? Anythink buyer Jennifer Hendzlik has recommendations for titles that will set the scene and transport you to another place.

We love goats here at Anythink. We’ve hired them to mow our lawns, and you might have met one or two during special springtime programs. Though they might seem goofy, goats are highly intelligent animals, and each breed has distinct qualities. Which type of goat best fits your personality?

Inspired by experiencing hurricanes as a kid in Louisiana, Joe Comeaux decided to embark on a career in earth science and meteorology. But after working for the National Center for Atmospheric Science, he decided to switch things up. He and his wife Robin shifted gears and created Exploration Universe, an Adams County-based science education business. The couple now work full-time to share the wonder of science and technology with students through interactive programs, parties, workshops, camps and more.

Why do we work? For money, right? Certainly that’s true for most people, but why do we choose the careers that we do? Why do some people prefer to take some jobs that pay less than other jobs? Scientists and researchers have been finding that the ways in which people work, and their working environments, play a big role in personal productivity and happiness.

This issue of SPARK centers around the idea of the library as My place to...(My place to learn how to cook, be an armchair traveler, plan my next vacation, learn how to sew, find books to read with my children, learn more about Winston Churchill, plant a garden, read my favorite poetry...the list is endless for people who are curious.)