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January 2015

Do it yourself. Whether it’s baking, crafting or renovating, the DIY movement is inspiring consumers across the world to take creative endeavors into their own hands. But as crafters turn professional and media hone in on the process, there’s an entire business industry being built around the concept. Pinterest boards, Etsy marketplaces and HGTV reality shows all point to the potential that DIY has on the greater economic market. 

 “Just like with wine, choosing the right glassware for beer is extremely important,” says Ryan Kilpatrick, co-owner of Fiction Beer Company. “It enhances the presentation, but also the aroma, flavor and overall experience.”

Kilpatrick, who founded Fiction with his wife Christa, is a self-proclaimed beer geek. But, as any beer geek can attest, when it comes to brewing and serving beer, all things – even glassware – are important. 

For some, DIY auto repair might seem daunting. Yet you might be surprised what you can accomplish with the proper resources and a little elbow grease. 

So what can you reasonably tackle yourself and when do you need a professional? We reached out to Sean Forest, mechanic and owner of Mountain View Garage in Thornton, Colo., for his suggestions on DIY auto maintenance.