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Fall 2019

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If you’ve stepped into a library lately, you already know: they’re about much more than books. As part of its current strategic plan, one of Anythink’s goals is to build communities where people are happy, healthy and safe. Part of that is serving customers in ways that go beyond literacy, including workforce development, creative opportunities, and even access to basic needs. With the help of vital community partners, Anythink is working to increase food accessibility through programs, farmer’s markets and more.

Not only has Anythink had a profound impact on the Adams County community, but its innovative approach to library service has inspired people worldwide. Here are a few love letters to Anythink as we celebrate 10 years.

Here at Anythink, we are guided by shared values that inspire community and inclusivity. We have compassion for our customers, and we believe that anything is possible.

Celebrating 10 years of Anythink would not be complete without mentioning our values. As a values-based organization, our five values are a critical component to who we are as an organization. From hiring people who find our values important to them in their lives to providing the best hospitality we can offer to our customers, our values influence and guide our culture, attitudes, and ways of service.

From the worst-funded library system in Colorado to one of the most recognized library brands in the world, Anythink’s first decade includes a number of memorable moments.

And then we turned 10.

As we celebrate Anythink’s tenth anniversary, we have an opportunity to revisit the past and look to our future. I have been reminding everyone that we are only 10 years young in the development of a new style of library. We have accomplished more than we could have imagined, and yet we have so much to discover and learn as we move forward.