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Dear Dood

Advice from Anythink's favorite squirrel

Dood the Squirrel has traveled around the world, read countless books and even buildh is own rocket backpack. Now he's offering his wisdom and insight to the advice-seekers of Colorado.

Dear Dood,
I’m trying to expand my musical horizons, and I’ve heard you have great taste. Who are some of your favorite artists to listen to?

Auditory Explorer


Dear Auditory,

I’m always excited to hear someone is looking to try out new music! I love so many musicians –  I’m not sure where to start. Have you listened to the Spice Squirrels? How about Run-TREE.M.C.? Of course, one of my all time favorite musicians is Paw McCartney and his hit song “Hey Dood.” Hopefully these recommendations can get you started on your search for new sounds.

Good luck on your musical journey!

Stay curious,


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