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Artist Portfolio Showcase

Five-week series encourages artists to build portfolios and community

Over the course of five weeks in January 2018, artists of all mediums gathered at Anythink Brighton. Mentored by artist and adult guide Aria Marco, participants were given a goal for the duration of their time together: complete one finished piece, one that could be put on display or used in an artist’s portfolio.

“Thinking about my own experience as an artist wanting to become professional, I didn’t even know exactly what I needed,” says Marco of her inspiration for running this series. “I was lucky to have people in my life to teach me how to make a portfolio. Art is a difficult field because, unless you’re going to school to study it, you’re on your own. It’s helpful to find a community.”

To help share her expertise and provide a space for that local art community to form, Marco hosted demonstrations in watercolor and acrylic painting techniques, as well as pen and ink tutorials. After trying their hands at different mediums, everyone was invited to pick their preferred technique and develop their art week after week. In addition to providing a venue for new works and a new local artist meetup, the Artist Portfolio Showcase culminated with a public display and artist reception on Feb. 6, 2018, at Anythink Brighton, complete with music, refreshments and conversation.

“I told myself that when I retire, I’m going to take a painting class. My husband said, ‘Why not at Anythink?’ I’m just now experimenting, getting my feet wet – and maybe the canvas.”

Allison Lockwood, a recent retiree, works on a watercolor still life painting of a vase and flowers.

“I’m the photographer, so I’m not used to being in the picture.”

Mary Jane Olsavsky is taking her photography skills and transferring them to the canvas. She’s creating an acrylic painting of a photo she took of eagles perched in a tree at St. Vrain State Park near Longmont, Colo.

“My first art class ever was this past September – Aria taught me how to do shading.”

Pawan Vora is new to art, but is making up for lost time by experimenting often with sketching techniques.

Mona Fanscher has drawn dozens of dragons, playing with different color schemes on paper with markers. Now, she’s working on transferring those skills to acrylic on canvas.

Liz Ryan tries her hand at everything – including mixed media, zentangle and stick figures in motion.

Nurture your inner artist

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