Anythink partners with Zepheira as founding partner of Libhub Initiative

In an effort to increase library visibility across the web, Anythink is participating in the Libhub Initiative as a founding partner. Because most libraries use a pre-Internet record system known as MARC in their catalogs, individual titles and resources often don’t surface in results from search engines like Google and Yahoo!. The Libhub Initiative aims to change that through the implementation of BIBFRAME and Linked Data, a model for coding library catalogs in a way that allows machines to access their data and enables them to be visible to search engines. Through participation in this project, Anythink’s catalog is now even more accessible to customers.    

“The Libhub Initiative allows libraries the opportunity to showcase resources online alongside those you might see from Wikipedia or Amazon,” says Anythink Director of Products and Technology Logan Macdonald. “Anythink’s participation in this project helps put libraries at the forefront of people's minds – and their search engines.” 

Anythink is one of 12 founding partners of the Libhub Initiative, along with other Colorado libraries including Denver Public Library, Douglas County Libraries and the Arapahoe Library District. This strong representation of Front Range libraries is one of many ways in which Colorado is at the forefront of library innovation. The Libhub Initiative was founded by Zepheira LLC in 2014 to create an industry-wide focus and find common ground for libraries, providers and partners to publish and use data with non-proprietary Web standards.