DIY'brary Series with betterish

In this series, learn how to share your story, your skills, your uniqueness, and even your playlists. Each week we’ll cut, paste, and get crafty making handmade informational guides that will ultimately culminate within a DIY’brary.

April 15: “How To” Zines – Create a step-by-step guide/zine on something you feel passionate about (e.g. “How to Make a Kale Salad” or “How to Be Kind").

April 22: Moody Tunes – Create a series of playlists for particular moods, vibes, good days, or bad days.

April 29: DIY’brary Construction – Make one final zine with a topic of your choice & collaboratively construct the DIY’brary structure. This structure will live on in the teen area as an ongoing interactive activity.