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Almost one year ago, I bought my husband the most expensive anniversary gift in our 15-year history: a single pair of sunglasses. He couldn’t understand why I had made him drive to a park, hike in and stand under a bunch of trees just to open his present. Then he opened the box, one marked Enchroma, in large, shiny letters.

Whenever I visit New York, I’m always struck with starry-eyed wonder around 10 pm at night. As a local Denver native, I’m used to being in bed around 10 pm, snuggled up with a comforter and a good book. That’s not the case in New York  –10 pm in New York is when this bustling city wakes. As Broadway shows close and throngs of people are pushed out into the street, the city comes alive with residents and tourists alike seeking food and entertainment. The air practically buzzes with life.