Anythink proposal

In January 2016, the Anythink Board of Trustees, Anythink Foundation and library leadership team convened to discuss the library’s future. It had been seven years since Anythink (also known as Rangeview Library District) was launched, providing the Adams County community with the best libraries possible. Despite the library's national – and even international – reputation as a leader in the industry, the board knew that the organization must continue to innovate, evaluate and push forward in order to avoid a plateau or decline. They issued a challenge to Anythink leadership to evolve the library system so that it could grow along with the community to provide Adams County residents with the highest levels of service.


During the spring and summer of 2017, Anythink reached out to approximately 1,600 people in Adams County, Colo., including working adults, parents, seniors, students and children, the majority of whom were library cardholders. Through telephone polling, online and in-person surveys, and a series of 23 roundtable discussions, participants shared their ideas about community, family and personal aspirations. These individuals suggested ways that Anythink might help them and their communities become more successful. Overall, more than 20,000 data points were gathered. The culmination of these conversations led to the creation of the Anythink Strategic Plan 2018-2022. The new plan focuses library services on three key areas: COMMUNITY, CULTURE and CAREER. Read the Anythink Strategic Plan 2018-2022.


Adams County is experiencing exponential growth, causing capacity issues at the library. The Anythink board and leadership know that in order to sustain current levels of service and fully implement their goals, additional funding is necessary.


The Anythink Board of Trustees is currently considering a ballot measure for additional funding that would expand opportunities for children and families in Adams County. This would take the form of additional programming for kids and teens, expanded access to technology and computer help for those who need it, expanded service hours, and new facilities to help keep up with the tremendous growth happening in Adams County.


The library system needs additional funding to expand its capacity to keep pace with growth and adequately serve the residents of Adams County, including in new areas of the county that are being developed.


Additional funding will allow Anythink (also known as Rangeview Library District) to provide more programs for kids, teens, families, seniors and job seekers so that more people can attend and not be turned away or waitlisted due to lack of capacity. The library needs to provide more computers, internet access and technology programs and skills training materials, along with books, ebooks, DVDs and CDs to keep up with customer demand. Along with that, the library needs to expand its service hours at the neighborhood branches to serve more people at times that fit their busy schedules. And, besides maintaining its current facilities, the library needs to build at least two additional branches to serve the growing community.


Based on a home with the assessed valuation of $325,000, the additional 2.2 mills in the ballot proposal would cost a homeowner $51.48 per year – approximately $4.29 a month.


  • August 15, 2018: Library Board of Trustees decides whether to move forward with the proposed ballot measure
  • October 15, 2018: Ballots are mailed out for the 2018 General Election
  • November 6, 2018: Election Day


How are Anythink Libraries (also known as Rangeview Library District) currently funded?
The library system is currently funded through a 3.659 mill levy on the property tax of homeowners that was approved by voters in 2006.

Which branches would be impacted by an increase in funding?
If funding is increased, all locations would receive funding for expanded programs and collections. Some locations would expand open hours.

How much do overdue book late fees contribute to the budget?
Anythink does not charge fines for late materials; instead, customers are charged to replace lost or non-returned materials. Replacement charges generated $54,902 in 2017, or about .004 percent of the library’s income.

How many people in Adams County are served by Anythink (also known as Rangeview Library District) today versus 10 years ago?
The library system’s service area population in 2007 was 311,290 and in 2017 was 416,083.

What are some of the most popular Anythink programs for kids?
Early literacy programs like miniThinkers, Preschool Storytime, and Family Storytime. Other popular educational programs include mySummer, Music and Movement and STEM Labs for Teens.

How does Anythink serve job seekers?
Anythink provides access to computers, online job searching resources and assistance, books, resume writing help, online and in-person technology training, workshops to enhance job readiness, business center services, and local networking events.

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